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Farming Simulator 17 Crack full version 

Imagine yourself playing the role of a modern-day mechanized farm owner all on your computer or smartphone. Wouldn’t that be an interesting thing you and every other farm-loving individual would love to witness? That is exactly what Farming Simulator game series offers you. It is a video game which promotes farming and rearing of livestock by allowing players plant, raise animals, carry out planting operations, harvest, manage and sell their farm produce all in the form of a game. Farming Simulator (FS) 17 and the others in the series are the handiwork of the Giant Software developers which was first released towards the end of December 2017. The video game was originally introduced into the market on April 14, 2008. It has so much gained public acceptance to the extent that not less than 4 million copies of it have been reportedly sold till date.

While the game can be enjoyed personally, it can equally be played by up to 6 players at a time and this offers a stiff competition thereby making it more interesting. Being a simulation game, your role as a player range from driving farm machinery like tractors, raising of livestock and planting of crops, keeping farm account and financial records to selling your produce. Until June 2017 when FS 18 was released, FS 17 was the latest version of the video game.

Farming Simulator 17 Crack Kuhn-Reloaded + Torrent

Features of Farming Simulator 17

This thoughtful game version has a lot of interesting features some of which are here expounded

Farm Machinery which includes

  • Farm Vehicles (this basically include tractors used in conjunction with implements like ploughs and harrows to get your mission achieved)
  • Harvesters
  • Farm Equipment
  • Animals (include cattle, chickens and pigs which a player interested in raising animals can choose from)
  • Fruits
  • Good Farming Environment


This feature allows the player to play the role of a modern farmer by choosing what crop to plant or which animal to raise. The player makes use of available funds and farm machinery to achieve their goal. The goal of this farm-player is to harvest large crops, which at the end should give good profits. If he or she purchases an animal, it becomes his or her duty to take care of those animals


This feature is used to set a standard or target for the player which must be achieved within a set time. This task can include breeding animals to reach a certain weight or achieve a certain level of plant growth at a certain allotted time. Upon successful completion of tasks, a sum of money is awarded other side attractions like bonuses depending on how early the task is completed. The supreme mission of any player in this game is to buy all the available fields on the map and make his or her farm as big as possible


This feature became activated beginning from the 2017 model. It affords up to 16 players to compete together thereby making it more fun-filled.


In addition to other maps in previous versions, two other maps have been included in the FS 17 version which are Goldcrest valley located in the US and Sosnovka set to be located in Eastern Europe. The maps feature have been improved upon by improving its graphics.

Female Character

Up until this version, only the choice of a male player was available but FS 17 has included both the options of a male and female player. Perhaps, the developers have realized that males are not the only one into farming. The players are however whites and their skin color cannot be changed. Hopefully in a subsequent version, the developers would realize that not only whites are involved in farming.

Minimum Windows System Requirements for Installation

The following requirements must be satisfied before the game can be successfully installed on your PC

  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel Dual Core or its AMD equivalent
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 or AMD Radeon HD 6770 with a minimum 1 GB supported by DX11
  • RAM: 2.0 GB or higher
  • Hard Disk Memory: At least 6.0 GB should be available
  • Media Source: DVD-ROM or CD
  • Soundcard

Supported Platforms

The video game is available on all of the platforms listed below

  • Microsoft Windows
  • MacOS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • PlayStation Vita
  • Kindle
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One

How to Install Farming Simulator 17

You will have to first purchase the product online and then install. The file can either be in any of these three formats: .exe, .rar, .zip. For zip files, the installation can be done straightway but for the other two formats, the installer would first have to be extracted before running can take place. All the mods would have to be installed and adjusted and once this is achieved, the game can be launched. The entire installation process is very easy and all you have to do is follow the guide


  • It is supported on a number of platforms and operating systems
  • The game is easy to install
  • It can be played by many players at once
  • The game itself teaches the fundamental principles of farming while delivering the fun it offers.


  • It doesn’t come free. The package goes for a sum of $34.00 which some have considered expensive
  • It can be boring because of its slowness
  • It is a game that may not attract anyone who does not like farming. That is, it is not a general-niche game.
  • Some features like players need urgent updating.

Final Judgment

No doubt, the development of the video game farming simulator series is a brilliant one. It uses fun to sensitize people on the need to get involved in agriculture. Each setback identified in previous editions are corrected in next one. If you are planning on investing in either crop development or animal rearing, you may have to check out the game. Starting from planning to execution, the game allows you to play the role of a modern farmer and evaluate what result comes out of your decisions and efforts. This experience can be transferred to physical life and hence make farming improved.

Farming simulator 17 can still be improved upon especially by improving the vehicles so that even during its operation if it encounters challenges, can be remedied.

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Windows 7 Ultimate Full Version Free Download ISO {32/64 Bit}

Windows 7 Ultimate Full Version iso Download {Latest}

Windows 7 Ultimate Full Version Free Download ISO 32 / 64 Bit

Rootsofts bring you windows 7 ultimate full version iso for 32 bit and 64 bit. Windows 7 Ultimate operating system has still considered the best operating system. And it is mostly used all around the world. It can be imagined in such a way that some Windows 7 OS lovers are downgrading their Window PC from Windows 8 to Windows 7 Ultimate. So that if a user wants to optimize Computer speed and get the best performance then do install the fresh Windows 7 professional. This operating system consists of different best features. It has various editions but the ultimate version is the best, and it is most popular. It has supported 32-bit and 64-bit also. According to the developing company Microsoft, its features for all editions of Windows 7 are stored on the Machine. It has added new features, From Windows Movie maker, after installing the Windows 7 Ultimate edition, you do not need to download or install drivers to your computer or Windows PC.

Windows 7 ultimate

Windows 7 Ultimate ISO with activator allows a user to use the operating system with full authority. With its newly added themes, you can enjoy the superb ideas. And the user can download more new features from the internet. The genuine Windows 7 operating system along with Its Product key ensures its productivity. Moreover, it does not need any high system requirements for installing it into your computer system. It’s all drivers were installed during installation of windows, and with automatic update, your Windows will automatically update if any update available online.

Windows 7 Full Version Iso Latest Feature and Update

  • Microsoft Windows 7 is the best operating system for individual and professional.
  • Inspite Windows 8 release, Windows 7 is still best and fastest with new style and technique.
  • It has the flexibility to work with all type of language.
  • You can also download Windows 7 iso.
  • You can share files and folder with unique function Homegroup.
  • Fastly access to your songs, websites, and documents with jump list.
  • Windows search option is amazing and fantastic.
  • Thumbnail preview and taskbar option.
  • Windows 7 Ultimate is work with 64-bit support.
  • 32 bit and 64 supported and fully optimized.
  • windows firewall that defends against multi-threats.


Windows 7 Ultimate Full Version Free Download ISO 32 / 64 BitHow to install windows 7 ultimate ISO

  • it is simple and very easy to install.
  • Just follow instruction and command for installation of windows 7 iso installation.

Supported operating system

  • 1 GHZ processor
  • 1GB memory
  • hard disk 20 Gb

Rootsofts bring you windows 7 ultimate iso 32 & 64-bit free download here. Windows 7 official iso premium version of windows 7. windows 7 also combine the best appropriate feature and option for all. You can download windows 7 ultimate keygen here.

An upcoming feature of windows 7 ultimate

it provides homegroup for sharing files and folder.
Thumbnail preview and taskbar option in windows.
Free 64 bit supported the operating system.
Improve USB devices.
Before it has a launch of Windows 7, you need a product key or windows 7 ultimate key (xxx xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx).

Windows 7 Ultimate iso full download link below. You can also download bootable images for windows 7 ultimate. Windows 7 is best and amazing software for you. You can download professional version here windows 8.1 pro iso.

Windows 7 Ultimate is most popular and award-winning copy of Microsoft Windows. It has many backward compatible features as like loading home pages, touch screen and much more. Windows 7 latest feature are an online update, bug fixes. It was available for you individual basis.

Windows 7 Ultimate full version iso free download with valid license key. Billions of people use this iso for windows 7. It available for both windows 7 ultimate 32 – 64 Bit. You can use iso DVD to upgrade full version. Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate is a best operating system for the individual. It releases consistently. Windows 7 combines all entertainment feature. You can also encrypt and decrypt data. Done a great job with 40 languages.

Microsoft windows 7 ultimate key feature

Sharing files with all network

Access to document with fast speed

Short icon of windows

Virtual functioning

Icon, taskbar and much more

Best user interface theme

Enable USB, DVD devices

Documents safety

Check spyware and malware

Windows 7 ultimate hold 45 plus language

How to install Windows 7 Ultimate iso

  • Free download windows 7 ultimate iso and install it
  • Follow all video tutorial
  • The activation step is very easy

Windows 7 Ultimate iso download here

Who to install windows 7 ultimate iso

just follow the instructions and install all update of software.

windows 8.1 pro iso Official Download Full Version {2017}

Windows 8.1 Pro ISO Free Download Full Version

Do you have Windows 8 and would like an upgrade? Everyone wants to stay updated. Windows 8.1 Pro ISO is a major upgrade to Windows 8. This update is the most inclusive Windows experience yet. It has the all of the latest apps, swift performance, and enhanced powerful multitasking capabilities so you can get much more done. It offers the experiences that users need and want. Windows 8.1 Pro ISO gives users new potential for mobile efficiency. The information technology in the upgrade has a easier to manage and secure infrastructure.

Windows 8.1 Pro ISO Full Download 32 / 64 Bit

This software has gotten rave reviews from critics for its extended functionality available to applications in comparison to its previous version. The OneDrive incorporation, along with the user interface adjustments and the adding of lengthened tutorials for operating the Windows 8 interface had also been praised. You can utilize the innovative customization tools to personalize your PC just the way you desire.

There have many changes and new unique features added to give users the best possible experience. The boosted security and networking make the software a classic. It is a leader in the industry with enhanced incorporated biometric functions and device encryptions.


Windows 8.1 Pro ISO Full Download 32 / 64 Bit

Key Features Of Windows 8.1 ISO

  • The desktop and interface have been improved. The start screen has received many improvements. Customization options such as new backgrounds and extended color options.
  • The user can resize app windows.
  • The entire application suite has been enhanced. Several stock applications have been added including sound recorder, calculator, health and fitness and so on.
  • The PC settings were extended to include options that were formerly restricted to the desktop such as Windows store and Control Panel.
  • The online services and functionality have been greatly improved.
  • There are direct desktop boot supports offered.
  • The software provides enhanced device encryption.
  • There is resistance to the various types of malware, which is crucial to secure persona data.
  • In the event of theft or loss, there is remote business data deletion.
  • There is incorporated VPN.
  • Broadband tethering is enabled.
  • There is an Automated Lock Down feature.
  • The hardware and security compatibility has been enhanced.
  • NFC Tap to Pair Support is added.
  • There is Web Application Proxy.
  • The environment for Virtual Desktop has been enhanced.
  • The software is available for free download.

System Requirements Windows 8.1 Pro ISO Download

  • It is necessary to download either a 32 bit or 64-bit version ofWindows 8.1 that is suitable for your CPU.
  • A Processor with 1 gigahertz (GHz)or more that has support for SSE2, NX, and PAE.
  • At least 1 GB of RAM
  • At least 16 GB of hard disk space
  • As for the graphics card aMicrosoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver is recommended.
  • For downloading the software, a good internet connection is required.

Author Note: Downloading the updated Download Windows 8.1 Pro ISO 32 Bit / 64 Bit Free is the best decision you can make if you are looking for efficiency and quality performance to enhance your business. It has an extensive list of business features that can make your life a whole lot easier.

Reason 9 Cracked Final Release + Serial Number For Windows

Reason 9 Crack

Reason 9 Crack

Reason 9 Crack for Windows 8, 8.1. Music production is a complex issue since it determines the quality of music that is fed to the public. Bad quality music will get an artist poor reviews and sales and lead to the collapse of their music career, its, therefore, critical that when producing a song an artist should book a producer with the best production software that will make their song flourish across international borders.

Why Reason 9 Cracked?

The Reason 9 software has a huge collection of different effects and instruments that allow you to record music and produce it the finest way you can. It is user-friendly with options of even recording live instruments or a band and mixing to bring out crystal clear sounds and the best music audios.

Key Features Of Reason 9 Crack

  • It has a sequencer and audio recording that motivates you to make the type of music that you need, and the music production is also done faster. The MIDI sequencer allows you to automate record, edit and arrange audio to whatever perfection you want.
  • There are numerous Rack Extensions and Refills that offer you a range of over 200 instruments and effects to choose from while making your music.
  • It has a unique mixer that automatically provides an EQ with high and low range filters and channels that embrace different instruments and audio tracks. It has no support for surrounding formats since the mixer is stereo based only. You can also mix different instruments on one fader with the new bus and group channels.
  • With the collaboration with other software designs such as All hoops, you can now share your music across different platforms; where you can add vocals to your tracks by using Take or add different instrumental effects to your track using Figure.
  • You can import audio from other devices into the Reason software as it has an enabled bit depth conversion and a unique sampler. It is also compatible with all major formats of files.
  • It can transpose audios; this is the use of a constant interval to move notes up or down in a pitch, and it can also change the duration and speed of an audio signal without having to change its pitch.
  • It has  Audio Slicing and Quantize features that set notes on beats and removing imprecise and expressive rhythmic fluctuations, therefore, making your audio recordings get timed properly,
  • The sequencer can convert audio that has been recorded or imported from other devices into REX loops where there playback start time can be adjusted so that the loop of a song can match its tempo.
  • It has an amazing user interface that makes working with the software a walk in the park; commands are achieved by clicking the mouse, and you will rarely use configurations.
  • You can permanently automate your Personal Computer by a process that is web based, and once you have your licenses, you can install it on any computer and use it to your fulfillment.


  • Registration and installation requires fast internet connection.
  • A processor with Intel or AMD dual cores
  • 4 GB RAM
  • MIDI interface and a MIDI keyboard
  • Audio Interface with ASIO driver
  • Free hard disk space of 3MB
  • Windows 7 or later

What’s new in Reason 9

This is your perfect software for that seamless music production company you want to set up.

you can also support developer  at

Windows 7 ISO Professional Download 32-64-Bit

Windows 7 ISO Free Download


I can tell you now the most frustrating day of my life.

Having to have my computer repaired due to a hard drive fault and realizing I’d got Windows wiped at the same time. Sad times for sure but they could have been a little less frustrating if I’d had access to the Windows 7 disc image for PC.

Windows 7 ISO Free Download

Thankfully you do and you can download the WINDOWS 7 ISO here.


Windows 7 ISO is basically the disc image of the Windows software, it’s exactly what you need to install Windows 7 on your computer and in this article we’re going to go through a few tips you need to be able to download the software and help you decide if Windows 7 is for you.


Firstly, you’re going to need to know if Windows 7 is for you – we’ll cover that in a moment.

You’re also going to need your Windows 7 product key, an internet connection (which I’m guessing you have or else how on earth are you reading this?) as well as enough space to install, at least 4gb basically.

You’re going to need a valid product key but if you’re having some trouble with that then take a look at our WINDOWS 7 iso article here which might just give you a helping hand (imagine I’m winking right now, take the hint).

Windows 7 ISO Free Download

Windows 7 ISO Free Download


In case you don’t have a valid product key because, you know, you lost it (I’m winking again) then you could use a loader program to give you a helping hand, working your way into your new Windows 7 download.

Windows 7 iso full version is a very smart piece of software and works like this – computer manufacturers used to have a problem, every computer needed software and every piece of software (Windows) needed activating for each user. That’s a lot of activation codes and not a very efficient system.

Wouldn’t it have been easier if each manufacturer just had one code, exclusive to them, that meant they could build the activation into the BIOS of the machine so it just worked right out of the box? Well, funny you should say that because that’s exactly what they did.

Windows 7 Loader is a smart program that analyses and mimics the firmware/bios of a computer that has come from one of those manufacturers, altering your own bios to match, meaning your computer thinks it is pre-activated and uses the universal product master key to activate Windows 7 for PC on your machine.

Pretty neat, huh?


Windows 7 is one of many versions of Windows you can get hold of and, in truth, whilst the most recent software you can get hold of is going to offer you the biggest series of benefits, it is also a matter of taste.

Windows 7 is fast and very reliable, it’s responsive and starts and shuts down in less than 60 seconds, which means it has had one hell of a kick up the behind from previous versions.

It also helps you to find what you need quickly with a smart search functionality known as ‘Instant search’ – a name that sounds good and is almost accurate. Using Jump Lists and a larger more personalized taskbar you can navigate your machine more effectively than ever.

One thing that made a huge difference to users when Windows 7 was released was the Encrypted File System, which gives way better user level file encryption meaning, dare I say, your stuff is safer.

And let’s face it, whenever we encounter a problem, we need to find some kind of solution.

That’s what evolution is, right? Nature senses a lethal threat and changes to respond to it. We do the same with man made things too. Hacking has become an issue and whilst it might feel like somebody else’s problem right now the truth is that not securing your files is as naïve as hearing there are a lot of burglaries locally and leaving your doors wide open.

Security is therefore a big deal and being able to secure your files at this local level rather than simply putting a wall up is the equivalent of locking your door but also locking each door inside your house and locking each door in each room. Who wouldn’t want that?


It’s not Windows 10. Ha! Sorry, I know that sounds flippant but any problems we find are the kind of things we have already seen solutions for within more updated versions.

As a standalone piece of software you’ll find that Windows 7 is pretty strong and was a huge step forward for Microsoft (Vista, ahem) as they let go of their attachment to the idea of what a PC should be and learnt a lot of lessons about UX from Apple (yes, that’s right, Apple did get SOMETHING right other than marketing).

Windows 7 iso needs a lot of RAM, at least 1gb, to operate and a whole bunch of applications doesn’t switch over neatly from earlier versions (though this is a necessary evil when making such essential changes to an operating system).

Again, if you’re upgrading from older software you’re also going to find some issues with drivers and if you’re using an especially old machine then, sorry, you are going to really struggle.

But that’s because Windows 7 was built with the future in mind and we can’t really criticize progress.


Oh go on then, Windows 7 ISO can be activated with your unique and valid product activation key but if you have any kind of problems then you can also get hold of windows 7 Loader for PC here which will tweak your system bios so you can activate Windows 7.

microsoft windows 7 iso professional download 32-bit

this is professionally design for hardware compatible. windows 7 professional 32 bit is more light-weight.

Microsoft windows 7 iso professional download 64 bit

all modern pc use windows 7 professional 64-bit iso.

Microsoft Windows 7 ISO download here.

windows 7 all in one iso

wondershare video converter ultimate Crack Torrent Free Download

wondershare video converter ultimate Crack Torrent Download

wondershare video converter ultimate Crack Torrent Download

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate crack Plus registration Code

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a powerful tool which lets its users convert various video files into numerous different formats. It is also able to export the converted files onto specific devices. In the latest update, the coverage of supported mobile devices has been significantly increased.

wondershare video converter ultimate Crack Torrent Download

How Does It Work?

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate efficiently converts one file of a particular format into another.  But that’s not all: it is also able to download, play, create, edit and transfer all video file formats to and from any source among its supported platforms.

Here is how the application works:

  1. Launch Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.
  2. In the application window, load the video to be converted by browsing through the selection pane.
  3. Once the media is selected, the user can select among the different available output formats from the drop-down box. Users are given options for output formats that range from standard file types up to formats that are optimized for specific mobile devices and as well as media interface. The available output formats reach up to a total of 150 profiles.
  4. If you wish the output to be placed in a specific folder after the conversion, you can set it in the Output Folder option.
  5. Once the preferred format for the output file is selected, press the convert button to proceed with the video conversion. This process usually takes about 5 minutes in average, which also depends on the size of the input file.
  6. Once finished, the converted file will be found in the default location or the specified location in the drive by the user.

wondershare video converter ultimate Crack Torrent Download

Key Features

The following are some of the features and functions of the Video Converter:

  • Wondershare also incorporates its own downloader tool for YouTube videos. Just launch the mini-tool and paste the YouTube URL on to the specified field. This lets you download the video from the website safely. Once the download is complete, users are able to freely edit and convert the video.
  • The conversion tool is considerably easy to use. The needed settings and options are labelled clearly and are located where it can be navigated to easily. This lets users to proceed with their video conversion without having to intensively study the operation of the application.
  • It also enables users to share their videos wirelessly. When you have your video and you would want to transfer it to your mobile device, the application can transfer it via a WiFi connection. This is a convenient feature that is an added bonus in the application.
  • The Video Converter ensures that the quality of the input file is preserved onto the output video. This quality preservation made the application a winner of the prestigious Gold Award.
  • The application allows users to create CDs and DVDs from the converted media. This is helpful for those people who would want to keep physical copies of their electronic files for safe keeping. The bundle also comes with a simple video editor with the basic tools for trimming clips, quality adjustment, and adding watermarks and subtitles.
  • Wondershare is able to fill in the metadata of your videos from the Web. Metadata include details such as the cover art, writer, cast and cinematographer. Just input the name of the video and it will search the Web for the metadata.
  • Wondershare is also able to connect wirelessly to a gaming system, a set-top box and a compatible TV screen where you can stream your media flawlessly.

Customer Support

Although everything is easy to use and the interface is user intuitive, Wondershare also offers a reliable customer support. Aside from the application guide built-in the program/ the customer support can be reached through email, user forums and live chat support.

Quick Pros

  • Provides an all-in-one utility program for editing, disc burning, conversion, download and transfer for your video needs.
  • Everything is easily provided and placed strategically for efficient workflow.
  • Conversions are done faster than average video converters in the market.
  • Simple editing features are included to complete simple video tasks.

Quick Cons

  • Problems occur with using the Android app for video transfers.
  • The application is commercially available at 59.95 USD, which is considerably in the higher end of the market price, considering the features offered.

The Bottom Line

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a feature-packed utility which is a strong recommendation for media enthusiasts and professionals. The price can be justified if you specifically need the features offered by the application.

wondershare video converter ultimate registration code



Shareit Download For PC – Free For Windows 7, 10, 8, 8.1

Shareit for PC is a name unfamiliar to many, but this is rapidly changing. With many hundred million downloads in many years, the application is developing in demand, and without any doubt, we can see why. In today’s world, media close around us. We both spend it and create it, processing a huge amount of information. The need to share and control these files is as extreme as ever nowadays, and Shareit has gone forward up to take up this mantle of responsibility. Naturally, there are dozens of other popular file sharing apps available, but few are free and feature-packed, Shareit for Windows 7 for apply that positive characteristics.

Shareit Download For PC - Free For Windows 7, 10, 8, 8.1

Shareit Download For PC

As long as you have a mobile device or computer, there is a valuable chance you will be able to make use of Share it and all of its advantages. Although Lenovo designed the program, it is not absolute to any unique brand or platform; ad boasts necessary system requirements that even make many old devices suitable. The number of users running the Share it on their mobile devices is large, but the same holds true for computers and especially those running Windows 7. This is a system that has rapidly replaced Windows XP and which remaining part the most outstanding and extensive choice between in users of this platform. Windows 7 is a powerful and frequently compatible system for Shareit.

shareit for windows 8

Shareit for PC is an app for sharing files any data; it may be images, videos, movies, etc. Shareit for windows 7 is developed by Lenovo, and this app is the better there is to share data very fast. It permits users to transfer files from one device to another. It also admits users to transfer files between Android and IOS, PC or MAC. This free app is accessible for almost all versions of PC, Windows, Android, etc. This is best than pervious technologies like USB, Bluetooth, etc. regarding speed. It just takes seconds to transfer any files.

Main Features Of shareit download for PC

Transfer big files and videos in seconds up to 40x fastest than Bluetooth.

Devices with Shareit can necessarily search each other when in range.

Even the app itself can be shared to other devices wirelessly, and rapid sharing can begin directly.

You can share everything like pictures, videos, music files, documents, and contacts.

Share without the need for Bluetooth, phone network or active Wi-Fi network; devices wirelessly link directly.

Supports group was sharing up to 5 devices at the same time. Instantly share a party video, music album or photo library to up to five friends at the same.

Remote presentation looks at, access to computer files and folders.

Sharing information with unbelievable speed and easy.

Applications of different file types – audios, videos, docs, and many others.

Strong connections between the various devices and platform.

Backup of phone pictures on your PC.

File copy and management

It uses up very fewer battery power.

Works with devices with inter-platform connectivity

Very less weight and accessible to users.

Download Instruction:

  • You can download Shareit for Windows 7 on our website.
  • This is a clean, quick, and free operation that will become the first step towards easy file sharing.
  • You will need to click it and wait for the installation file to save on your PC when you find a link there.
  • Once you’re sure that the free download is completed done and have found the folder it was saved to (the most common locations are the C Drive and the folder for new programs), you should run .exe setup
  • A tool that will install Share it for pc quickly and painlessly.
  • All over the installation method, you will only need to make a less small decision, but after the program is installed, you will also need to customize personal settings and connect to the devices you need.


Windows 7 Professional Full Version Free Download ISO [32-64] Bit

Windows 7 Professional Full Version Free Download ISO [32-64] Bit

Windows 7 Professional download is an operating system developed as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. The OS was developed at a time of public outcry over the inefficiencies of its predecessor, Windows Vista.

Notably, Windows 7 is nothing like Windows Vista. Foremost, Windows 7 does not require a new PC because there are hardware requirements.  Windows 7 also prides of sturdy design and good display that includes, large taskbar icons that make it easy to select apps.

Further,  when you need to keep check of your news feed you will no longer need to minimize the countless windows on the desktop. When you click the news feed icon, all open windows appear transparent.

Another feature that has been enhanced in Windows 7 professional 64 bit is Windows Media player.  Noteworthy, windows media player is now enabled for iTunes AAC format.

Windows 7 Professional Full Version Free Download ISO [32-64] Bit

Windows 7 Professional Download 32 / 64 Bit

The OS also eliminates the popular display of system messages on the desktop that characterized Windows Vista. Instead, system messages are shown on the Action Centre so you may check them when you wish.

Microsoft Windows 7 has also introduced a feature that allows a user focus on one window despite having several windows open by shaking it on the desktop. Referred to as Aero- shake, just extract the window you want to focus on from the title bar and using the mouse, shake it on the desktop and all other windows will minimize.

The introduction of libraries by Windows 7 professional download notably makes it easier to extract work and organize. Moreover, with the stacking feature, it is now easy to work with documents side by side.  The stacking feature becomes more beneficial when doing research from multiple documents.

Furthermore, windows search brings a list of all results with the search term. Moreover, the search results are grouped into their corresponding categories. Noteworthy, such results are generated almost instantly.

Supported file types:

  • Video (mp4, mp3, MPEG-1, MPEG- 2, MPEG- 4, AVI, 3GPP, 3GPP2, AVCHD, WMV)
  • Audio (AMR, QCELP, MP3, m4a, AAC, PCM, WMA )
  • Photo files (jpg, jpeg, jpg, JFIF, BMP, RAW, TIFF, GIF)
  • RAW images (CRW, NEF, 3FR)

Main Features of Windows 7

  • Aero – Shake
  • Aero- Peek
  • Menu -responsive
  • Allows stacking of documents side by side
  • 32-bit and 64- bit version
  • 32- bit version supports up to 32 core processors
  • 64- bit version can support up to 256 processor cores
  • Multi-sensor support
  • Hand-link integration
  • Jump lists
  • Enables online streaming of media across Windows 7 computers
  • Instant change of color and background after downloading a theme
  • Enhanced Windows search
  • Free downloads for Windows Live Essentials
  • Applocker; to prevent installation of unauthorized apps

Operating systems:

Windows Vista

Installation requirements:

  • 1GHZ processor
  • 2GB RAM for 64-bit version or 1GB for the 32-bit one
  • 16GB available hard disc space for 32-bit version
  • 20GB free hard disc space for 64-bit version
  • Internet connection
  • DirectX 9 graphics device

How to install and use:

  • Enter the 25- digit windows product key
  • If purchased windows from an authorized dealer, find product key inside the package that the Windows DVD came with
  • Once key is verified, select preferred language
  • Follow the download link for either download for 34- bit or 64- bit version

Windows 7 Professional Full Version Free Download >>

Windows 7 Home Premium product Key 32-64bit [Free Keys]

Windows 7 Home Premium product Key

Windows 7 Home Premium product key iso Full version Free Download

Windows 7 Home Premium product key full version iso, and its varied Windows platforms are like that your muscle-bound, eternally-scowling, possibly glue-sniffing, surly neighbor downstairs who eternally plays acid rock with the volume perpetually cranked up so loud that you wonder if your brains might be conceivably dissolving and your organs calcifying. Eternally dominant, brutish yet clever, arrogantly condescending, yet continually excreting products we willingly kill each other to get ahold of. Microsoft is the ultimate example of a supreme survivor and a sublime predator.

Well, let’s do talk a little about its Windows 7 Home Premium product key. A successor of its earlier Windows Vista that was ruthlessly maligned, excoriated and pretty much crucified and buried by numerous critics, it is a much needed and radical improvement of its earlier inbred sibling. Thereby showing that the company might really -just- have a heart and a functioning ear after all, because it took the time and effort to identify the -countless- shortcomings of the truly terrible Vista and present us with a far better operating system that we don’t feel like tearing our hairs -roots and all- out when using.

Windows 7 Home Premium product key Screenshot

Windows 7 Home Premium product Key

Why Windows 7 Home Premium ISO full version?

Microsoft worked from the ground up in conceiving, designing and finally presenting the new system. So, while it may share some features with the Vista, it is Usain Bolt to the Vista’s Putin in a sack race! Additionally, it has some new features we particularly love like much improved system security and -gasps- Internet TV so you can call in sick and spend all day watching GOT! The new system additionally features increased functionality and usability, better performance across all parameters, while making computing more alluring and intuitive.

Unfortunately, due to its age and the introduction of Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, it will no longer be mainstream supported as from 2015, and even extended support will end in early 2020.

Supported File Types:

Video Files:Wmv, asf, wm, gpp2, m2ts, m2t, 3gpp, mts, qt, avi, dvr-ms, wtv, mp4, avchd, mpeg-4,m4v, 3gp, 3g2, mpg, mpeg, mlv, mpe, mp2, mpv, mov, avi, m1v, mpeg-2,

Photo Files:tif, jpg, gif, bmp, dib, jpe, png, ico, wdp

Audio Files: aif, asf, a4a, mp3

Key Features of Windows 7 

  • Greatly redesigned and responsive taskbar that permits applications to be pinned to it
  • Home group file sharing
  • Enhanced support for multi-touch input
  • A new action center providing a grand overview of system security and maintenance
  • User Account Control now made much less intrusive and responsive
  • Much improved system boot performance
  • Drastically improved performance when running on multi-core processors
  • Much improved direct access and kernel
  • Improved multimedia features
  • Drastically redesigned and improved control panel sporting innovative new features
  • Customizable to a wide variety of users’ personal desires/requirements
  • Ability to watch and record Internet TV through the Windows media center
  • Redesigned and improved desktop navigation

Operating System:

  • Windows 7 Home Premium

Installation Requirements:

  • 64-bits (X64) processor
  • 2 GB of system ram
  • 16 GB of free disk space or 20 GB free disk space depending on the version of your system

How To Install And Use:

  • Download over the net or manually via DVD or USB flash drive
  • Follow the prompts
  • Click on “Install now.”
  • Provide required username and password
  • Activate by inputting your required personal product key
  • Configure to your taste
  • Voila!

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Windows 7 Home Premium Free product Key 


Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key 


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Whatsapp for PC laptop New Latest Version 2017

Whatsapp Messenger for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Free Download

Whatsapp for pc

From this web world, no-one is unfamiliar about the Whatsapp Messenger for pc because it is the best messaging app worldwide. It can be an endless exchanging concept application throughout the world. Yes, complimentary for local and international talking and sharing photos, videos and much more. Whatsapp Messenger now a times vital for inside our day to day life. Compare to other competitive iPhone app Whatsapp is most beneficial and popular among the people and it’s cross platform. Whatsapp presently allows gaining access to for all device mobile platform like Android, iOS, Symbian, Java Mobile, iPod touch, Apple iPad tablet and wp7 app. Nowadays we will see how to download WhatsApp for laptop windows 7 for free. Install Whatsapp on Laptop and discussion to your friends, family, girlfriend or boyfriend then enjoy. Download Whatsapp for laptop windows seven also can access Whatsapp for laptop windows 8 and Whatsapp download free for Laptop Windows 8.1.

In 2016, nearly all people already crossed half-billion! Evidently, this is the most famous and traditionally used messenger across the globe. Presently, Whatsapp available on five platforms namely, Android, Rim, iOS, Windows 7, and Symbian. However, there is also a growing interest in using Whatsapp on a desktop as well. Browse on to learn if you can do that and how to set up Whatsapp on a desktop.

Much like WhatsApp Web, the Fresh Desktop Application lets you chat with buddies or loved ones while your phone stays in your pocket. WhatsApp must be installed on your cellular phone so that you can use WhatsApp on your PC. WhatsApp supports only 64-bits editions of Windows.

Whatsapp for PC laptop New version 2017

Whatsapp for PC laptop New version 2017

Features of Whatsapp for Laptop:

  • Whatsapp is well-known for it is fast and free service.
  • Whatsapp gives messages spontaneously all over the globe.
  • Though there are also many options to Whatsapp Messenger for pc like Viber, Nimbuzz, Series, Kik Messenger none of them can beat the features of WhatsApp and the demand for Whatsapp.
  • Over five-hundred users worldwide using Whatsapp.
  • Whatsapp has a very friendly interface and unique way to subscribe.
  • All you need to do is install Whatsapp and confirm your phone number through adding a profile picture if you want.
  • WhatsApp is same for each and every operating system, whatever operating system it is running on it always boots fast and runs smooth.
  • The best thing about WhatsApp there are no any annoying advertisings even when it is a free software.
  • Presently there is one disadvantage in Getting It From Below WhatsApp plus download that it does not come with the contact import feature with which you can import your contact list from mobile to PC.
  • You have to add contacts personally in WhatsApp.